Work carried out in period

The most important work – still in progress – carried out during 2011 involved activities to reduce network congestion, connect new generating plants (especially those using renewable energy sources) and increase the reliability of the NTG with ever greater attention to environmental and security issues.

Below is a summary of the main works in progress and the main work concluded in 2011:

  • new 380 kV “Sorgente-Rizziconi” underwater connection: work sites have been opened and the civil works involved for the stations of Scilla (Calabria) and Sorgente (Sicily) are at an advanced stage; site work has begun and the site is being organised for the station of Villafranca (Sicily). The works relating to the three 380 kV stations specified above are at an advanced stage. For Scilla in particular, electro-mechanical and electrical assembly are at an advanced stage, whilst at the 380 kV power station of Rizziconi expansion works are underway. The first of the six underwater cables between Villafranca and Favazzina has been installed for the construction of the 380 kV connection in double three-phase line.
    Preliminary works have been completed on the construction of the Favazzina tunnel. Construction of the 380 kV longdistance power lines (overhead part), Calabria side, are at an advanced stage.
  • 380 kV stations to connect renewable-resource fuelled plants: from 2009 to 2010, sites were opened in relation to 380 kV stations functional to reducing congestion and the connection of new production plants from a renewable source in the areas of Maida, Bisaccia, Deliceto, Troia, Brindisi South, Castellaneta, Tuscania and Rotello. In 2010, works were concluded in the stations of Maida and Bisaccia. In 2011, works were completed in the stations of Deliceto and Troia and the second stage of the Brindisi South station was activated.
  • 380 kV rationalisation in the province of Lodi: two new 380 kV electrical stations were started-up in Chignolo Po and Maleo and the new double three-phase line connection between the stations was constructed.
  • Val D’Ossola South-cavi di Borgomanero: microtunnelling, the installation of cables and accessories for both lines were completed.
  • Construction works have begun on the new 380 kV double three-phase electric main joining the 380 kV stations of Trino in the province of Vercelli and Lacchiarella in the province of Milan, measuring more than 100 km in length.
  • Installation is currently underway of two PST (System Phase Shifter) machines, one in the electrical station of Foggia and the other in Villanova.