Number of plants - Terna

The number of plants of the Parent Company, Terna, at 31 December 2011, compared with the situation at 31 December 2010, is reported below:

  31.12.2011 31.12.2010 Change
Stations 435 412 + 23
Transformers 636 632 + 4
126,303 MVA 125,251 MVA + 1,052 MVA
Bays 4,846 4,706 + 140
Lines 41,121 km 40,805 km + 316 km
3-phase power lines 2,312 2,247 + 65
46,069 km 45,707 km + 362 km


In relation to stations, please note the activation of 23 new stations:

  • 6 at 380 kV: Maleo (LO), Chignolo Po (PV), Le Rose (FI), Aprilia (LT), Deliceto (FG) and Troia (FG);
  • 3 at 220 kV: Salvemini (TO), Gerbido (TO) and Turin North (TO);
  • 5 at 132-150 kV: Lovero (SO), Olevano Lomellina (PV), Merate (LC), Canaro (RO), Populonia (LI), Sant’Alberto (RA), Alfonsine (RA), San Vittore (FR), San Martino in Pensilis (CB), Ginestra degli Schiavoni (BN), Castelpagano (BN), Marianopoli (CL), Cammarata (AG), Patti (ME) and Serramanna (VS);
  • disposal of the 132 kV station of Contarina (RO).

In relation to transformers, an increase by 4 units is noted compared to 31 December 2010, with an increase in total transformation capacity in operation of 1,052 MVA; more specifically, please note the activation of:

  • new 220 kV phase shifting transformer of 450 MVA in Camporosso station;
  • 5 new 380/150 kV machines (for a total of 1,250 MVA) in the stations of Deliceto, Troia and South Brindisi;
  • 2 new 380/132 kV machines (for a total of 500 MVA) in the stations of Maleo and Flero;
  • the two existing 220/132 kV machines (for a total of 267 MVA) were strengthened with the addition of two new machines (for a total of 410 MVA) in the stations of Bussolengo San Salvar and Castelbello;

net of disconnection from the grid of 2 380/220 kV machines (for a total of 800 MVA) in the station of Poggio in Caiano and the disposal of 6 220/132 kV machines (for a total 488 MVA) in the stations of Este, Tavarnuzze, Tavazzano West,
Colà and Marghera Station 1.

Long-distance power lines
In relation to long-distance power lines, the total length of the three-phase line has increased by 362 km as compared with 31 December 2010, whilst that of the power lines by 316 km; more specifically, please note that in addition to the acquisition from Terna Rete Italia of 25 lines for a total of 279.8 km, there was the entry into operation of 5 new lines for a total of 62.7 km: Chignolo Po-Maleo 380 kV, Gerbido-Salvemini 220 kV, Salvemini-Turin West 220 kV, Villa di Tirano-Lovero 132 kV.