National Transmission Grid Development Plan

On 28 January 2011, as required by Ministerial Decree of 20 April 2005, the 2011 Development Plan was sent to the competent Authorities for approval.

The same Development Plan (DP 2011) was approved by Terna Board of Directors on 16 December 2010, having already been favourably received by the Users’ Advisory Committee (1) (which on 4 November approved the new development initiatives included in the Plan and on 15 December 2010 approved the Plan in its entirety).

The latest version of the Development Plan takes account of the instructions that the Ministry for Economic Development attached to its final resolution of the 2010 Development Plan (2).

The 2011 Development Plan adopts the structure of the previous year’s version and is divided into two sections: 2011 Development Plan - Section I, contains the new development demands seen in 2010 (this section, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 152/06, is subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment which began on 18 October 2010); Progress on Previous Plans - Section II where the progress made on the interventions envisaged by previous Development Plans, already approved and confirmed in this Plan, is explained.

In particular, the first section contains a specific paragraph devoted to the grid development to encourage production from renewable sources (in accordance with the National Plan of Action) and the expansion of the European grid.
The ten-year Development Plan of the European electricity grids (TYNDP, 2010 edition) was prepared as part of the ENTSOE project in which Terna is directly involved in the following Regional Forums: Continental Central South (for which Terna is coordinator and member) and Continental South East (member only).

2012 will see the publication of the TYNDP, 2012 edition, complete with the Regional Investment Plans and the document on the suitability of the European electricity grid, in addition to the “pilot” edition of the European Network Code, according to that established in the European Community Regulation in relation to the “Third Energy Package”.
The 2011 Development Plan envisages investments of around 3.8 billion in the period 2011-2015 and 3.7 billion in the five years thereafter.

The implementation of the Development Plan will increase the size of the NTG by adding around 5,400 km of new lines and 141 new stations with a transformation capacity of around 44,800 MVA.

(1) The Users’ Consultative Committee, established by Prime Minister Decree of 11 May 2004, expresses a non-binding opinion on the Development Plan
as required by Competition Authority Decision no. 14542 of 4 August 2005.

(2) On 15 March 2011, the Ministry for Economic Development approved the 2010 Development Plan pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 152 of 3 April 2006,
and subsequent amendments and additions, publishing its final decision in Italian Official Gazette no. 62 of 16 March 2011.