Coverage of demand

Coverage of power demands in 2011 was guaranteed with suitable margins, by means of scheduled maintenance work on the grid and by coordinating maintenance with the unavailability of power generation from Terna and also following the entry into operation of new generation plants, also distributed.

Reserve margin at peak

Reserve margin at peak

In Sardinia, the demand coverage margins increased thanks to the doubling of the submarine connection between the mainland and Sardinia (SA.PE.I.)

In Sicily, demand coverage margins were found to be adequate, with 329 hours per year also using the Termini Imerese 4 plant (production unit normally unused, whose production can be requested by Terna in the event the security of the grid in Sicily is expected to be at risk).

Foreign trade showed an increase in import as compared with the previous year of approximately 1.1 TWh. This is also due to the 23% increase in the difference between the energy price of the Italian energy market and that of French and German markets (€22/MWh vs. €18/MWh).

Margin 2